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Why Shopping Small Matters

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Let’s face it, we all love the convenience of online shopping. There may be only a few things

better for a busy momma than a bit of shopping in her PJ’s. If that’s you, it’s ok, you are far from

alone. Americans spent $513 billion online in 2018, a 14.2% hop over the previous year. Online

shopping is a part of our lives and the benefits for busy families are hard to argue.  That said,

there are also significant benefits to shopping local and supporting small business this holiday

season and year round.


The Saturday immediately following Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday. Small Business

Saturday was an idea created by American Express in  2010. Am Ex launched the campaign to

encourage their card holders to get out and support local business during the holiday season.

Since its creation Small Business Saturday has become less campaign and more movement.

Offering a rallying day for small businesses all across the country and raising awareness of the

importance of spending your money diversely. Many local businesses now offer deals and events

surrounding the day and the growth of the concept is steady with 70 percent of American adults

saying they were aware of Small Business Saturday in 2018.



So why is it important? Studies show that there are many benefits to shopping

independently–owned businesses. The most important and obvious is keeping your options open,

and I mean literally open. If you want a community that is dynamic and original your local small

businesses need your support. They are the personality of your community, from the quirky local

coffee shop to the boutique where you found your absolute favorite sweater. Your small business

community is what makes your town unique. Just try and picture your landscape void of small

business, it would be a boring and unoriginal place. Small businesses bring creativity and

newness to their clients in ways that large chains or online retailers never will.  We support small

manufactures and artisans, we offer diverse and interesting products and events. We cultivate a

sense of community and give back in so many ways.



Here’s where it gets interesting, when you spend $100 online as little as $0 comes back into your

local community. Spend that same  $100 at small business and as much as $68 of your hard

earned dollars flow back into your local economy. That’s as much as a 68% return to your local

police, schools, fire fighters and other businesses. Additionally, local dollars help to build strong

neighborhoods by sustaining communities, linking neighbors and contributing to more local

causes. Some studies have found that small businesses donate as much as 4X more of their

profits when compared to large corporations. Locally owned businesses also create more local

jobs and provide better wages and work environments when compared to national chains.


At Wee Chic we love seeing our neighbors and friends stop by to pick-up kids gifts, accessories

or clothing that they can’t find elsewhere. We love getting to know those families and watching

them grow.  Celebrating new babies and other family milestones alongside the clients that come

out to support us. We try hard to stock our shelves with products that are unique and ever-

changing.  And we walk the walk, supporting and promoting other locally owned businesses

whenever we can. To be transparent, I don’t expect that you will read this article and lay down

your mouse, evermore committing to a life of parking garages and 495 traffic to meet your

shopping needs. I ask only that you set aside a portion of your holiday and everyday shopping

budget to keep your small business community healthy and growing. We promise to make it

worth your while. I hope you’ll visit Wee Chic this Small Business Saturday in Mosaic District

for 20% off all clothing as well as your other favorite independently owned stores and

restaurants. Happy Holidays from our families to yours.

Bridget Quinn Stickline is the owner of Wee Chic Boutique. Wee Chic provides modern and sustainable products for babies, kids & tweens. Visit the shop and find out more at

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