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Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even the Toddler

The holidays are a magical time and it gets even better when you have a little one at home to experience the beauty of the season through their eyes. But sometimes the holidays can bring anxiety, especially around your child’s sleep schedule. Here are some tips for keeping your holiday sleep on track.

  • Choose activities wisely. For a couple years in a row you may have to sit out of some of your favorite outings and choose to only participate in a couple. While this is a bummer, remember it is temporary.

  • Find times to sleep wherever you can. If your child needs to skip a nap, don’t be afraid of an early bedtime. Early bedtimes are my favorite tip to sneaking in more zzz’s and preventing overtiredness.

  • Get guests involved in your sleep routine. A lot of children have FOMO when it comes to going to sleep when fun is happening in the house. Combat this by asking your family and friends to do story time or come in to say goodnight before lights out.

  • If all else fails, stay calm and do your best. Falling off track happens but what you do after the chaos is most important. Once the holidays are over get right back on track and stay consistent. End any bad habits that were started immediately and don’t look back. You can do this!

Molly Tartaglia is a certified sleep consultant and at Bonne Nuit Baby. She works with exhausted parents around the world to get their kids’ sleep back on track. Reach out for support at or

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