Tunes 4 Tots®:


Tunes 4 Tots® teaches actual music concepts to even the youngest of children in a fun and interactive way!  Through a variety of age-appropriate aural, visual, and physical activities, our engaging and research-based program prepares little ones for a lifetime of making music.


Children will explore rhythm, pitch, form, & style. Tunes 4 Tots® will provide a variety of props to facilitate learning.

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Musical Rainstorm by Tunes 4 Tots®

Join us for some amazing musical adventures! Students will have the opportunity to explore the science of sound and the art of engineering in this hands-on, project based STEAM course.


As we learn about how sounds are made, we’ll be using non-musical and musical tools to create a large-scale project that will help students learn how different sounds can be created.


Musical Marbles by

Tunes 4 Tots®

The perfect class for students who love making things, music, and problem solving! By the end of this STEAM unit, students will have built their own “musical” marbles set. In this hands on, project based course, students will use critical thinking and problem solving strategies to match a self-constructed marble runs to the tempo of songs that they love! By the end of the class, students will have a stronger understanding of beat, rhythm, tempo, and how music is created.


Music of Nature by

Tunes 4 Tots®

Students will have the opportunity to get outside and explore nature with a fun, musical twist. During this STEAM project, students will go outside, explore what’s in nature, and learn to re-purpose items found in nature into amazing musical instruments! This class combines engineering, building, and learning about musical instruments with a love of the outdoors. Students will explore the different families of orchestral and world percussion instruments. Once they are done building a wide variety of instruments, students will spend time exploring how they create their own music working together!